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This project aims at researching innovative practices in overcoming young people’s skill gaps within national qualification frameworks, using the open-method of co-ordination, empowering stakeholders’ participation, outcomes’ indicators, exchange of good practices in the field of lifelong learning; this project will help advance reforms in national education and training systems. More specifically, we will test methodology of skills anticipation needs for two labour intensive sectors (senior tourism and social services) and will develop practical tools and awareness actions to facilitate the integration of young people into labour market (and thus increasing LLL attractiveness). To this end, we have set up a consortium with a mix of complementary expertise and skills directly related to the planned project activities. The WP responsibilities were assigned according to their main areas of competences and partners’ previous experiences. In fact, our partnership choice was supported by partners’ countries with common problematic concerning the youth unemployment rate and the existing initiatives looking for the solutions towards the employability and integration of young people.


Asociația "Pâine pentru Persoane Vulnerabile"

Structură de Economie Socială creată prin: "Bunăstare pentru persoane 

vulnerabile prin structuri de economie sociala" ID: POSDRU/168/6.1/G/144050